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10 Thirstagrams Complete With Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

10 Thirstagrams Complete With Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Thirstagrams to Follow

Part of this balanced thirstfast.

Sugar, spice, and hundreds of "likes." Those are the three key ingredients for perfecting the ultimate thirst trap Instagram account. You know the kind. Those feeds you dive deep into before realizing you've scrolled five years into their past because you can't get enough. We've all been there and there isn't any shame in the thirst Instagram game.

Plus, with a president boasting about the size of his nuclear button, we could all use a distraction--or ten. Start out the new year the right way, ignore that resolution to go to the gym more, and cuddle up to our 10 top thirst trap Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.


If you haven't snuck a peek of this LA-based visual artist and videographer in publications like Cakeboy Magazine and FADER, you might've heard his voice booming on Podcast of Color. Watch him pose and vogue his way through Instagram and then listen to him talk self-identity, queer politics, and self-acceptance with the other cohosts.

Steve Raider

Bears take note, Steve Raider isn't just hot, hairy, and muscular. The Greek thirst trap is also a comic artist, entrepreneur, and, judging by his photos, is an expert at modeling leather goods and buns that would make Kim Kardashian blush with envy.

Laith Ashley

We're already longtime fans of this transgender model and singer, but if you've been sleeping on this one, it's okay. His Instagram feed will wake you up more than a shot of expresso ever could. For maximum effect, listen to his soulful R&B sounds as you thirst over his selfies.

Kevin August

This self-described cubby American is holed up down under in Sydney and we're all better off for it. While we waste away in the cold, he's been basking in the warmth and posting radiant selfies. Come for the sensual photos, stay for the photo of thick n' rich caramel sauce.

Jazzmyne Jay

The video producer for Buzzfeed's Boldly is no stranger to breaking down beauty barriers, but she won us over in 2016 when she posted about wearing a bikini to the beach for the first time. Besides her sharp wit and selfies, we're here for her all the stylish outfits she puts up on her feed.

Tony Tramp

There's no doubt you've seen this clothing designer's wares floating around but there's more to Tony than the iconic "The Future is Femme" tee. He's also curating the cutest content on his Instagram feed of his family, friends, and beautiful body. You may need an extra serving of mimosas when you order his Basic Bitch Brunch Club shirt because his feed is peak thirst.

Big Dipper

We've finally got a reason to celebrate LaCroix. Well, no. We're just here for this self-professed LaCroix Boi. The co-host of "unbearable with Big Dipper and Meatball" has an undeniably thirst-worthy feed that'll leave you googling wear to buy his signature hot pink shorts.


Suddenly we understand art. This feed is half museum art and half sexy selfies, which will allow for a perfect excuse to claim you're following Diego for intellectual arousal. Just remember: the art made you do it.

Edwin Hung

This Singapore-based thirst trap is constantly traveling, which will satisfy your cravings for "hot guy and nice places." We're not quite sure what he does, but we don't mind watching while we figure it out.

Leyna Bloom

When the transgender model and activist isn't busy taking over the world or walking the runway, she keeps a thirst-heavy Instagram feed that serves as a constant reminder of how flawless she is.

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