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StairMaster Be Gone: 9 Ways to Skip Cardio

starimaster be gone

Cardio sucks. But you can work around it.

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It's essential for losing weight, it's great for your heart, blah, blah, whatever, we get it. Cardio is important. But here's the thing: Cardio blows. Most people hate it, and those who don't hate it are the worst. Just the worst. So if you're in the majority and hate doing cardio, here are a few ways to skip getting on that treadmill, that elliptical, or -- God forbid -- that StairMaster.

Stack Your Sets

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Try doing supersets, circuit training, or interval training -- anything in which you constantly go from one exercise to another with little to no rest in between. That keeps your heart rate up.

Put Your Body Into It

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Exercises that incorporate more than one muscle group effectively burn more calories and can make up for missed cardio sessions. Squats, pull-ups, and kettlebell swings are just a few you can add to your routine.

Lighten Up

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Do high-rep, high-intensity workouts using light weights. We're not talking five-pound dumbbells, but weights with which you can knock out 12 to 15 reps with a degree of effort. The more reps, the lighter the weight -- and the harder it gets.

Take a Walk

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Instead of driving, riding the bus or subway, or doing whatever you do to get around these days, give the environment a break and walk or bike there. If you add a destination to your activity, suddenly cardio becomes good old-fashioned transportation.

Hit the Stairs

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Forget the elevator and brave the stairs. Climbing them burns more calories per minute than jogging -- about five calories per flight -- and you burn calories both on the way up and on the way down. Your butt -- and its devoted fans -- will thank you for it.



When in doubt, hit the club. A sweaty night of dancing with your besties is not only a great release; it's a great workout -- as long as you keep the cocktails to a minimum (or else you're kind of undoing all that werq).

Go for a Hike

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It's the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, so take in a little of nature's splendor and burn a few calories while doing it. It's best to do it now before winter reminds you how much you can hate the outdoors.

Keep Track While Off-Track

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Since we're living in the future, we can track everything in our lives: calories eaten, steps taken, Pokemon captured. Consider getting a smartwatch or fitness tracker to help you be more mindful of your daily activity -- that way you can make adjustments to get the most out of each day.

Live Fast, Diet Hard

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A balanced diet can't completely replace cardio, but it can help you lose weight and maintain cardiac health. Try focusing on foods that are good for your waistline and your heart, like salmon, oatmeal, kale, and tofu.

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