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The 5 Most Common New Year's Resolutions for Gay Men — Made Easier

The 5 Most Common New Year's Resolutions for Gay Men — Made Easier


Most of us make them, some of us start them, few of us stick to them... and that's about to change.

As 2014 draws to a close, everyone's minds are on the dreaded New Year's Resolution. Most of us make them, some of us start them, few of us stick to them. Why? Most experts agree -- it's because we go it alone or we make resolutions that are so lofty, even the most dedicated person would have trouble staying the course.

So this year, we picked some of the most common New Year's Resolutions made by gay men and gave them a little twist, made them a bit easier to accomplish. So as you ring in 2015, think of these, rather than turning your life on its ear. Oh, and while we're at it, Happy New Year to all.

177020148x633Get In Shape
This is such a general resolution, it's hard to figure out what it even means. Lots of people will get way more specific -- "8 pack by Ibiza" or "lose 25 pounds" -- but the overall resolution here is almost impossible to achieve because "in shape" is different things to different people. Instead, try cutting something out of your diet that you know isn't good for you and adding an activity to your workout routine that you will both enjoy and will give you a good butt kick. Focusing on things you know you can do -- rather than general ideals of what you'd like to accomplish -- will prove more effective in the long run.

78617924x633Find a Boyfriend
When was the last time someone said they were looking for a boyfriend... and then found one? We all know, for the most part, love comes when you aren't looking. So instead of declaring that you're in the market for a boyfriend, take up activities that would put you in a position to meet someone special. Join a sporting league, start going to mixers, join a hiking group, volunteer... there are so many ways in which you can meet new people, find new friends and, with any luck, meet someone. Give the bar a break for a minute, get out there and resolve to meet people.

459497437x633Travel More
Travel where? Anywhere? Or do you have somewhere specific in mind? This is a really easy resolution to make happen. Instead of saying you're going to take a vacation, open a new window on your browser, pick a place you've never been, and book a trip. If you aren't sure where to go, ask friends where they've been. Heck, this is a great opportunity to ask one of them to join you. Consider it an adventure.

75626545x633Spend More Time With Friends
It's really easy to get friends together for a night on the town, but entertaining or planning a group activity takes some work and, therefore, is more meaningful. Instead of gathering at the bar with your core group, consider planning nights in. Then, theme them. Game nights, dinner parties, have a night in which you each make a signature drink. (For the holidays, we suggest the Absolut Red Dollar Holiday Punch, made from a bottle of Absolut Warhol Limited Edition.) You'll appreciate the quality time spent with friends, and they'll appreciate the effort.

80375228x633Start a Family
This is a tough one because you don't just start a family (and if gay people could just accidentally start a family, let's face facts -- most of us would already be dads). You plan to start a family. The good news is as equality begins to sweep the nation, it's easier than ever before to start a family. But instead of putting the pressure on yourself to have a bun in someone's oven by December 2015, lay the groundwork. Do your research. Adopt or surrogate? What state do you want to live in? Resolve to get the ball rolling -- the rest will follow.

Enjoy responsibly. Absolut(r) vodka. Product of Sweden. 40% alc./vol.distilled from grain. (c)2014 Imported by Absolut Spirits Co., New York, NY.

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