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Man Gets Really Sick, Confesses to Wife He’s Had Sex with Men

Man goes delirious with pandemic illness, admits to wife he's had sex with men.

While in hospital, he began to think “he was part of a TV show” and “was sent back from the future to save the NHS.”

An unnamed married man suffering from pandemic-induced mania and delusions "confessed to numerous hitherto undisclosed homosexual encounters and other sexual behaviours described as uncharacteristic by his wife," according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

"As the ambulance came, I confessed to my wife that I had sex with men (most of which before marriage), although I am heterosexual," the unnamed man is quoted in the study. "I felt that I was incapable of lying or hiding the truth and thought I was dying."

The report describes the man's behavior as "abnormal" and that he was "loud and highly aroused with sexual disinhibition and overfamiliar behaviour, inappropriately questioning and touching members of staff." His escalating mania and delusions were "particularly severe, necessitating emergency intubation and subsequent inpatient psychiatric admission."

The man is variously described throughout the report as having "grandiose" thoughts "with persecutory elements," as well as "persistent strong religious ideas, manifestations of which included attempts to anoint fellow patients with water. He also obsessively wrote down every personal interaction and bodily sensation."

For his part, the unidentified man seems to have almost enjoyed the experience.

"This may seem strange from an outside perspective, but I was, in my mania, trying to help the doctors as much as I could, while at the same time trying to make sense of my condition," he says in the study. "I began to think that I was part of a TV show, in which I was sent back from the future to save the NHS, and I was curious to see how this would end."

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