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Omar Apollo Experienced 'Heartbreaking' Catholic Guilt For Being Gay

Omar Apollo Experienced 'Heartbreaking' Catholic Guilt For Being Gay

Omar Apollo
Instagram (@omar.apollo)

The Mexican-American singer says he feels “happy and terribly sad” all the time.

Grammy-nominated musician Omar Apollo released his debut album, Ivory, at the end of 2020, and it didn’t take long for the album to become a massive success.

“I was trying to access these broken, traumatized parts of me to sell it to the masses,” Apollo said in an interview with British GQ.

Despite being comfortable as an out gay singer now, Apollo grew up Catholic, which instilled a sense of guilt within him when it came to living his authentic life.

“All the rules, man,” he told the publication. “Can’t be gay. Can’t cuss. Can’t do drugs. I’m just like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ It’s terrible. Really heartbreaking. But whatever.”

Even though Apollo doesn’t want to be the poster boy for being a gay Mexican star, he also recognizes the importance of his platform and knows how to have fun with his sexuality.

In the past, when a fan accused him of queerbaiting on social media, he clapped back with, “No I [be] sucking d*ck [for real],” closely followed with, “From the back, 100%.”

Apollo went on to note in the interview that, while growing up, he was the only one of his three brothers who would let his sister know when an outfit of hers didn’t particularly work. He also frequently supplied his hair for his mother to test out perm samples.

“I was way more aware [than] my siblings of how I looked. [It was] probably the gay side of me.”

After taking a recent break from social media and experimenting with astral projection, he said, “I used to think happiness is a place I’d get to when I was older, but I feel happy all the time throughout the day and I feel terribly sad all the time. Everything you need is already here.”

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