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There's A New Babysitting Film With A Real Life Leather Daddy In It


And yes, we've done the work to find his Instagram.

Who doesn't love a trippy film? Well the queers will get what they deserve in the new independent film "Cubby," which premiered last week at Los Angeles's Outfest film festival. The trailer, released Monday, features Mark, a babysitter, who finds himself enamored and inspired by Leather-Man, a character he discovers high after eating a cupcake. Yeah. Trippy.

"Mark, a misanthropic 26-year-old gay man, had been living in his mother's garage in Indiana and working on his sexually explicit -- and BDSM-themed -- artwork," the film's official synopsis reads. "After moving to New York, he takes a job babysitting for 6-year-old Milo, a new best friend who fully accepts Mark, but does little to help him meet the challenges of everyday life. Falling behind on rent and running out of anti-anxiety pills, Mark finally discovers inspiration in the form of the alternative superhero, Leather-Man, who appears to him through the lens of a psychedelic cupcake. As a sexy metaphor for discipline and control, Leather-Man helps Mark onto the path for success. But not before Mark's babysitting adventures turn from empowering, to risky, and ultimately: transformative."

The project, which was the subject of a 2014 Kickstarter, features the likes of Patricia Richardson, John Duff, Matthew Shear, Lucy Devito and more. If you were wondering, the leatherman in this film is a one Christian Patrick who "travels the world consulting and teaching classes on alternative sexuality, fetish, and BDSM subculture" according to his bio -- but you can address him as Master Avery.

The film is expected in theaters this fall. It had previously received negative backlash from conservatives who claimed it would brainwash children -- but we know how tired that argument is.

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