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Why Parker Hurley Is the Sexiest Model of 2014

In case you missed it: People magazine named Parker Hurley "Sexiest Model of the Year." While Chris Hemsworth certainly has appeal, you can argue that Parker gives him a run for his money. As photographer Gabriel Gastelum pointed out, when he first photographed him last year, he has Tumblr appeal but remains relatable. Some might say, he's the perfect package. (And here's 10 reasons why.) 

1. Despite preconceived notions about hot models, he's as geeky — and messy — as they come.  

Patrick 0

2. Parker can be found in the pages of fashion bibles, making him one of the most popular bodies of the past year. 

3. He also werqed the runway. 

4. Proved that a strong face (and great hair) is all you need. 


Thank you @ruben_tomas for the images. #soulartistmanagement @jasonsoul1 #superagent #nyc #model

A photo posted by Parker Hurley (@parker_hurley) on

5. And that a sculpted body doesn't hurt.

6. But it's not always about what's seen in front of the camera...

7. Or even about what he's wearing...

8. Sometimes, it's just a smile. 

9. And then again, sometimes it's because of a snake.

10. And puppies don't hurt.


Boomer, I'm considering stealing him. #loveandlight #puppiesmakeeverythingbetter #home #nj #gratitude

A photo posted by Parker Hurley (@parker_hurley) on

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