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Daily Crush: Springblade Drive Shoes by Adidas

Daily Crush: Springblade Drive Shoes by Adidas

This one’s for all the runners out there! Last week, Adidas launched their newest pair of running shoes, the Springblade Drive. The shoe is engineered for maximum comfort, designed with a thicker suede tongue and air mesh padding on the upper and lower footbeds. Along the bottom of the shoe, there are 16 wedges that are each individually tuned to simultaneously reduce impact and maximize your agility. Fashion meets function as the shoe also comes in a variety of different colors, giving your shoes a personality and edge reflective of your own personal style. Below, watch a video featuring Buffalo Bills wide-receiver, Sammy Watkins, rocking this badass pair of kicks.

Springblade Drive Shoes by Adidas, $180. Available at Adidas.com.

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