Daily Crush: Stretch Woven Belts by Beltology

Daily Crush: Stretch Woven Belts by Beltology

Don't underestimate the benefits of a woven belt, especially if you enjoy eating large meals. The webbing, without punched holes, allows the prong of the belt to pass through smoothly, making it adjustable to any length. Two Parsons graduates, Andrew Heffernan (Irish) and Anna Lundberg (Swedish), were inspired by mono-product companies such as Happy Socks and the Tie Bar to launch their own brand of woven belts, Beltology. Their products are made of stretchable waxed cotton, rayon, or polyester, with a 100% genuine leather trim, and contain an elastic center which allows the belt to expand and return to its original size.
In addition to coming up with endless color combinations and fun little names for their creations, such as the "Macho Man" (which is pink, obvi) or the "Backdoor Champion" (we'll let you look for that one), Beltology has created a customizable "PDBC" belt, sold to help fund bladder cancer research projects and awareness campaigns. A good reason to buckle up!

Pictured (above): "Prized Possession" (left) and "Forever Friends" (right) belts by Beltology, $55 each, Beltology.com

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