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The Men of ANTM Cycle 20 Get Made Over

The Men of ANTM Cycle 20 Get Made Over

As we reported earlier, America's Next Top Model added men in an effort to spice up the show's 20th cycle.


The addition of male competitors led many to wonder, including us, what exactly would Tyra do to make these guys over. After eliminating a few competitors (bye Chris S.), the makeover episode is finally here. While there are always tears among the girls, it remains to be seen how the guys react to the changes.


Check out the results and let us know who you think "topped" the competition.



Chris H Top Mod


TyOver predictions: Cartoon red; frosted tips; buzz cut.

What Tyra did: Platinum blond.

Quick take: It washes his face out; downgrade.


Cory Top Mod


TyOver predictions: Grey blond; red; shave off.

What Tyra did: Shaved.

Quick take: He clearly has the head for it but it makes him look more androgynous; too early to tell.


Don Top Mod


TyOver predictions: Red; shaved design; shave off.

What Tyra did: Blond.

Quick take: The color works with his skintone and his eyes; upgrade.


Jeremy Top Mod


TyOver predictions: Dark Brown; bleach blond; buzz cut.

What Tyra did: Highlights; light trim.

Quick take: It's a cleaner look but not a bold change; even.


Marvin Top Mod


TyOver predictions: Fades; shaved sides; platinum blond.

What Tyra did: Trimmed and styled.

Quick take: Fades or shaved sides could have been dramatic; downgrade.


Top Model Mike



TyOver predictions: Stay the same; Malibu blond; buzz cut.

What Tyra did: Some coloring; more gel.

Quick take: Why mess with something that works; even.


Phil Top Model


TyOver predictions: Wavy weave (!); stay the same; clean shave.

What Tyra did: Weave (!) and highlights; trimmed beard.

Quick take: At least the chest hair didn't change; the extensions are bold; upgrade.


The makeover episode airs August 16 on The CW.

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