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B. Scott Files Lawsuit Against BET

B. Scott Files Lawsuit Against BET

Pictured above: B. Scott before (left) and after (right) his outfit change (via

TMZ reports that TV and radio host B. Scott is suing the BET network for discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

In case you didn't follow the saga, B. Scott was hired as a red carpet style correspondant at last month's BET Awards, but shortly after the beginning of the event, he was allegedly asked to change his outfit, which consisted of a flowy tunic and pants worn with high heels. He reappeared wearing a men's tuxedo with flat slippers, his hair pulled back into a pony tail and without lipstick -- a toned-down take on his usually very feminine image. 

B. Scott vented about the issue on twitter, receiving widespread support from the online community and celebrity friends. He's now asking for reparation and has filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against BET, claiming that not being allowed to wear the clothes of his choice was humiliating and caused damage to his reputation.

BET has yet to comment on the matter of contention.

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