Video: Louis Vuitton Takes on Los Angeles

Video: Louis Vuitton Takes on Los Angeles

Louis Vuitton may be most closely associated with its hometown, Paris, but the label has released a video that argues the virtues of Vuitton's worldliness. High-end luxury and subtle yet opulent design is hardly confined solely to Gallic environs. Los Angeles, home of glittering celebrities, red carpets, and swank Hollywood soirées, serves as a perfect backdrop to Vuitton's understated offerings. Check out this small cadre of brooding L.A. lost souls as they stylishly traverse the city—studio backlots, empty hotel rooms, Hockney-esque pools, and, of course, zooming down sprawling highways—all whilst sporting the classic brand's wares and accompanied by a smokey voiceover. LA + LV = BFF.

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