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Kanye West, Alexander Wang Rock the Classic Chanel Jacket

Kanye West, Alexander Wang Rock the Classic Chanel Jacket

Two fashion powerhouses have combined their individual forces to pay homage to yet another icon of style: Chanel's black jacket. Though the smart tweed coat has been tweaked and manipulated over the years, at it's core it remains an evergreen staple of sophistication, enough so that in 2003, TIME magazine exlated its enduring allure. The man who has been at the helm of the house the Coco built for almost 30 years, Karl Lagerfeld, teamed up with Carine Roitfeld to photograph some of the most influential names in the fashion industry—from those who turn the morning routine of dressing into an artform to the people who create the pieces of art that the aforementioned slip on—in the timeless garment, for the book The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited. Interestingly enough, a few menfolk make cameos in the tome, including the swaggering Kanye West (who wears it with a few strands of another Chanel signature—pearls) and the dainty downtown designer du jour Alexander Wang (who wears his over a hoodie and with black jeans). The best picture BY FAR, though, is one where the subject faces away from the camera, completely unseen, but the magic is that she's still instantly recognizable. The Cut has a few more shots, here

Photos courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld/The Cut

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