Advanced Style Blogger Ari Seth Cohen Gets a Documentary

Advanced Style Blogger Ari Seth Cohen Gets a Documentary

Move over PYTs and "it" girls—make room for the sophisticated, older grand dames of fashion. Street style blogs have long documented the clothing preferences of waifish, wan adolescents, but our boy Ari Seth Cohen wasn't having it. Instead, he focused his eye on the worldly mien of women who earned their unique sense of chic. His blog, Advanced Style, is so popular it generated a big pretty tome, and the next logical step is to take it to the big screen. Director Lina Plioplyte followed the lensman-blogger as he captured these dazzling women's stellar style (meta!), and gathered wise words, along the way. You can help fund the movie on it's Kickstarter page, and you should, because the preview is already brimming with pithy wit ("Lately I've been so hungry for color," one exclaims—"I like to feel better-dressed than other people," quips another) from women who have learned about life the old fashioned way—by living it.  

See our slideshow from Cohen's book here

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