Things That Are Real: Penis Print Leggings

Things That Are Real: Penis Print Leggings

It's no secret that prints are a big trend for spring and summer this year. From high-end designers to mass-market retailers, there's plenty of colorful and busy patterns vying to inspire you to part with your hard-earned dough. But as Miranda Priestly once sneered: "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Oh, burn. But she has a point—this is one trend that's been beaten to death. So maybe you need something a bit more personal to adequately reflect your character via clothing—a design motif that cries out to you, and represents who you are, deep down inside. Well, worry not—that article of clothing has been found. DListed and Fashionista came across (no pun intended—swear!) these pants which are not only on-trend, but they say something about you on an truly intimate level. Yes, they've found penis-printed pants (say that three times fast). Courtesy of Bas Kosters Studio, these pants may just look like graffiti-strewn pantaloons, but a closer inspection shows that they have an X-rated message, very Keith Haring, no? But looking this good, or trashy, will cost 'ya—the leggings clock in just over $150. Charming. 

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