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Tim Tebow Gets a Mani-Pedi


The New York Jets quarterback takes his grooming seriously.

Like many others, to combat the never-ending deluge of information attacking me from all sides, I have certain practices to help filter out information that isn't of interest to me, and draw other subject matter to my attention. For example, sports--pretty much all of them--aren't particularly engaging to me, and thus stays very much on the periphery of my overall cultural awareness. Yet every once in a while, a person or issue from one of these foreign worlds will brush up against a topic I enjoy, and I'm suddenly confronted with a strange merger that allows me to broaden my horizons. Let's take the recent news that quarterback for the New York Jets (that would be football, people) Tim Tebow was recently caught on camera (by TMZ, of course) at a nail salon in Hollywood. He wasn't accompanying a gal pal (like his rumored paramour Glee's Dianna Agron). He was servicing his very own nails and cuticles. I had heard of Mr. Tebow and knew he was an attractive man, so this led me down the dark and dangerous Google Search wormhole and I now have some vague, half-informed idea of who he is and what he's all about (He's Christian, likes to kneel and pray on the sidelines during games, and he's pro-life, for example). But for some reason, him getting a mani-pedi, and grinning cockily while doing so, makes me kinda-sorta like him. He likes to pamper himself, and he, of all people, probably needs some love and attention showered upon his worked-over phalanges. I may not watch football, but I know those dudes get paid the big bucks--but their bodies take a beating in exchange for the lumps of dough they earn. Oh, speaking of money, sources told TMZ that Tebow was a very generous tipper.

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