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Question: Who is Effie Trinket, and Should I Care?


The much-anticipated 'Hunger Games' film has brought a strange new fashion plate to my attention. Can someone please explain her to me?

Please, please forgive me, if you can, but I know next to nothing about the books, and subsequent film adaptations, of The Hunger Games. My co-workers seem to find this an unforgivable offense, and it's not that I'm anti the series, I've just not been initiated. I do however know two things about it. First, it's the most popular book to be reading on Manhattan's L train during rush hour, and secondly, from the trailer I saw, there is only one character that seems of even the most remote interest to me: Effie Trinket. Not only does she have one of the drag queeniest names in fiction, she's also being touted as the fashion representative of the cinematic enterprise. Well, she certainly likes pink, and probably has an Oprah-worthy hair and make-up team, but I'm fascinated by the fact that girlfriend has already secured herself a nail polish line and she's now hosting a fashion and beauty blog called Capitol Couture. She's sold out before the movie even hit theaters--my kind of gal. Also, Ms. Trinket knows how to burn through the dough she's obviously raking in, as she has a penchant for Alexander McQueen shoes (although if the book is set at some unspecified time in the future, perhaps these were a vintage find). Today, I tried to have our resident Hunger Games expert, copy editor Mike Berlin, explain who this lady was, and whether or not her presence should pique my curiosity. Sadly, he had trouble explaining her role to me. Me: "So who's this Effie Trinket character?" Mike: "Have you seen Harry Potter?" Me: "No." (editors note: I know, it's on my to-do list, don't hate) Mike: (silence accompanied by disgusted/annoyed look). Me: "Sorry." (said with the aural equivalent to an eye-roll) Mike: "She's like a newscaster. Or a media figure." Me: "Like a young Barbara Walters?" Mike: (flabbergasted sigh before scurrying away).

So, in other words, I'm still at a loss for who this rose-y lass is. Anyone care to explain who she is and why I should be interested?

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