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Trailer Trash: 'The Hunger Games'


KATNISS, RUN! Our gut reaction to the trailer for the most hotly anticipated book-to-film adaptation of the century.

OMG, YOU GUYS. The first Hunger Games trailer has been quickly released into wild, much like a pack of feral teenagers battling to the death in the woods! Below, the Out staff reacts!

"I love a dystopian tale a la Margaret Atwood. It's also reminiscent of Schwarzenegger's The Running Man but with camping and that cute girl from Winter's Bone."
--William Van Meter, Features Editor

"Why has it taken this long to get Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson together? Magic!"
--Raef Harrison, Web Editor

"Here are three reactions I had:
-The end of the trailer makes me so tense!
-Jennifer Lawrence--amazing. Josh Hutcherson--dye your hair back to brown.
-I mean, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson?! I was almost expecting Bill Murray to pop up somewhere."
--Henry Watson, Associate Photo Editor

"I hate everything about this trailer except the lady in the pink taffeta dress."
--Max Berlinger, Assistant Editor

"The costume design is terrible. I haven't read the books, so I am not sure what imagery was provided -- but make up your mind. Is it science fiction? Present day? Futuristic? Really disappointing."
--Brent Austin Coover, Fashion & Market Editor

"When did Juliette Lewis move into Jennifer Lawrence's face?"
--Adam Rathe, Senior Editor

"It's like The Lottery meets Handmaid's Tale meets Brazil. Right? I mean, Jennifer Lawrence showed us she was badass in Winter's Bone (eating that rabbit!), now she gets to be sexy doing it. Watch out, Angelina Jolie."
--Jerry Portwood, Managing Editor

--Sarah Olin, Associate Art Director

[No words, just sitting in the corner, quietly hyperventilating into a paper bag.]
--Mike Berlin, Copy Editor

Photo Credit: Murray Close

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