Trailer Trash: 'The Hunger Games'

Trailer Trash: 'The Hunger Games'

OMG, YOU GUYS. The first Hunger Games trailer has been quickly released into wild, much like a pack of feral teenagers battling to the death in the woods! Below, the Out staff reacts!

"I love a dystopian tale a la Margaret Atwood. It’s also reminiscent of Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man but with camping and that cute girl from Winter’s Bone."
William Van Meter, Features Editor

"Why has it taken this long to get Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson together? Magic!"
Raef Harrison, Web Editor

"Here are three reactions I had:
-The end of the trailer makes me so tense!
-Jennifer Lawrence—amazing. Josh Hutcherson—dye your hair back to brown.
-I mean, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson?! I was almost expecting Bill Murray to pop up somewhere."
—Henry Watson, Associate Photo Editor

"I hate everything about this trailer except the lady in the pink taffeta dress."
Max Berlinger, Assistant Editor

"The costume design is terrible. I haven’t read the books, so I am not sure what imagery was provided — but make up your mind. Is it science fiction? Present day? Futuristic? Really disappointing."
Brent Austin Coover, Fashion & Market Editor

"When did Juliette Lewis move into Jennifer Lawrence’s face?"
Adam Rathe, Senior Editor

"It's like The Lottery meets Handmaid's Tale meets Brazil. Right? I mean, Jennifer Lawrence showed us she was badass in Winter's Bone (eating that rabbit!), now she gets to be sexy doing it. Watch out, Angelina Jolie."
Jerry Portwood, Managing Editor

—Sarah Olin, Associate Art Director

[No words, just sitting in the corner, quietly hyperventilating into a paper bag.]
—Mike Berlin, Copy Editor

Photo Credit: Murray Close

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