Height: 6'2"

Waist: 32

Shoe: 11

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Agency: Major Model Management


Birth date: April 5

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favorite color: Black. But it's a shade.

Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Briefs

Creamy peanut butter or crunchy? Crunchy

You can invite any three people, dead or alive, to a dinner party...Who? Eddie Vedder, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix. What a party!

What is your drink of choice at night? Vino. Red wine or if I must, a vodka rocks...but that's trouble.

If you could have a superhero power what would you choose? To see through people both visibly and sensibly.

If you were to be reincarnated, what or who would you come back as in second life? A hula hoop.

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