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Calvin Klein Releases New Jockstraps, Briefs for Holidays

Calvin Klein holiday jockstraps.

We first spotted the Calvin Klein jockstrap in 2019. While the brand was rolling out its Pride collection, we saw their Pride pack of candy colored jocks. Five came in each pack and they were monochromatic — it's worth it to say that they've also had briefs that were essentially the same color and concept. Those were limited-edition at the time but we've seen the brand restock them since. Now, they are doing an iteration specifically for the holiday season.

Don't get ahead of yourself there's not a lot going on here. The new five-pack of jockstraps, as well as the new five-pack of briefs, include tonal waistbands. The colorways also differ from the originals: the pink is a bubblegum pink as opposed to the darker color of the original, there's also a red, and purple — the latter comes in place of blue. And while that's not a complete redesign, in a world of thirst traps and jockstraps, any small update is honestly worth a new purchase.

For those who don't wear jockstraps or briefs — choices — there's also a nice trunk on option. And honestly, if we're going to be at home for the forseeable future, the least we could do is brighten things up by working in some fun-colored underwear. That this range is a part of the brand's year-round Pride efforts is only the cherry on top.

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