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Beyonce Designed Ivy Park's Latest Collection for the Gays

Beyonce on a red carpet.

Like any pop diva worth her salt, Beyonce has a legion of queer fans. We buy every album, go to every concert, and defend her online at all costs. And we also buy her fashion line Ivy Park, and have since it was released.

At first, the collection was womens-only but we bought it anyway, squeezing into the pieces, or opting for the more gender-neutral beanies. Then in December, the star revealed that her next drop would be unisex. And now that the collection has come (and sold out) she's indicated that it was indeed just for us. 

"Ivy Park is all in the details, and fit is extremely important — the waistline falling at just the right spot to be flattering to the body, extra stretch panels across the stomach to give you a flatter tummy," Beyonce told British Vogue in her latest cover story for the glossy. For it, she was shot by Kennedi Carter, the youngest photographer to ever shoot a cover of the magazine. "Sporty suiting is a staple, and oversized coats in cool, lightweight fabrics round it out. My vision for the collection is that it is fun, functional and fashionable, with athletic options that you can wear to the gym, then to the night club, from playing basketball to voguing at the balls. The goal is to be infinitely inclusive from style to size."

For the uninformed, though balls aren't exclusively queer and trans, the vast majority of the attendees and competitors at balls in America are LGBTQ+. So the nod was honestly all we needed for the go ahead.

But the British Vogue story was full of fun tidbits. The other that happens to be our favorite is Beyonce revealing that she truly is Queen B. Though fans have dubbed her such as a shortened version of her name — and have dubbed themselves the BeyHive — it seems that the singer has her own actual honey makers.

"I know it’s random, but I have two beehives," she said. "Real ones. I’ve had them at my house for a while now. I have around 80,000 bees and we make hundreds of jars of honey a year. I started the beehives because my daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties."

A line of Queen B's Homemade Honey? We would like to see it!

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