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Vans Just Released Sneakers Perfect for Bisexuals

Two pairs of sneakers from Vans

We aren’t exactly sure why sneaker brands are the ones to boast outward signs of queerness these past few years. Truly do not know. But the bottom line is we appreciate it!

In a new release Vans becomes the latest hocking a pair of shoes that affection for both men and women. 

The new “I Heart” Vans sneakers come in three styles and are available for purchase right now. One pair is a high top, while the other two are low. But of the options, two pairs of the sneakers proclaim “I [heart] Boys” and “I [heart] Girls.” The third pair just says “Boys” on the heel of one and “Girls" on the heel of the other. 

It’s actually unclear whether the shoes were supposed to be specifically for the queer community. As Nylon noted, “nowhere in the product description, nor press blast is there any mention of queer identities.” That said … look at the material! The publication also notes that the styles are a part of the brand’s Valentine’s Day offering. We love love!

In the past, the brand has done Pride collections, and still offers pieces for sale on its site. These new I [heart] styles are not a part of that offering. 

In addition to these styles, the brand has also recently released two kids shoes, seemingly with LGBTQ+ themes. One slip on style features a rainbow heart on the toe, while a pair for toddlers is a wash of hearts done in a gradient of the rainbow. The Georgia Voice speculated this could be the first time that a sneaker company releases LGBTQ+ inclusive shoes for a holiday that’s not explicitly LGBTQ+

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