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The FAUXMOSAPIENS Blurs the Line Between Reality & Artificiality

The FAUXMOSAPIENS Blurs the Line Between Reality & Artificiality

Maison the Faux

We go inside the mysterious world of MAISON the FAUX for their new fashion film.

The FAUXMOSAPIENS are coming, but who are they? If the new, Robert Fox-directed trailer for The FAUXMOSAPIENS is anything to go off of, "they're a group of human beings presenting visually appealing clothing content that appears to provoke thought."

The new visually arresting trailer is the work of MAISON the FAUX, a queer designer that, as the fashion film shows, isn't afraid to get weird. But how does one get inside of the House of the FAUX? As Fox explains, MAISON the FAUX doesn't have a door--it doesn't even have four walls or a roof. The key, it seems, is following the advice laid out at the beginning of the film: "You must look beyond everything you know about reality and artificiality."

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What Fox discovered goes beyond the frivolous unisex clothing brand called MAISON the FAUX we thought we knew. It goes beyond a cast of queer creatives that includes Janice Deul, Love Bailey, Michael Phillips, Jameson, Aoife Rosso, Evan Hall, Asia Hall, Stephanie Shustock, Yu Lun Wong, and Danny Taylor.

To really get to the heart, and mind, of the FAUXMOSAPIENS, we talked to the designers behind the brand, Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer, about what the hell is happening in the most bizarre fashion film we've ever seen.

The trailer seems to suggest, as a trailer would, that a feature length film is coming. Is that true, or is this the feature?

Like fashion it's all about the dream, fantasy and suggestion. This is it for now, but we like to play with expectation and reality so it wouldn't be FAUX if we were to serve you what you're expecting.

Who is the voice of the narrator, and how was he cast?

Robert Fox is "the voice" and director of the film. He's truly a brilliant artist that understands what it means to be a FAUXMOSAPIEN. He seamlessly knows how to add onto our vision.

How were each of the actors brought in to the film?

Everyone featured in the film are people connected to the brand. The stars in the video are all part of the FAUX-family. We have Janice Deul, a Dutch fashion diversity activist who we find very inspiring; Love Bailey, a total fantasy and creature of dreams; Yu lun Wong, one of our dearest friends who we've worked with from the very beginning; Danny Taylor aka Donnatella, who works with us on our dreams and music scores; and there are so many more!

How does the clothing act as a character or catalyst in the film--did the story come first or the clothes? Were they able to meld seamlessly?

Every collection is born from a concept, feeling and a story. The clothes and the story of the film come from the same beginning. So as the collection grows, the story builds, and vice versa.

They both start to layer over each other and an idea for the collection can influence the film--or Robert will have an amazing idea for a scene or a character that turns into a look.

The central question of the film seems to be - who are the Fauxmosapiens, exactly? It seems like they are you and they are me, and they are anyone who chooses to be, really. But who are they? Am I off?

We create humanwear; clothing created for individuals. On a deeper level, being a FAUXMOSAPIEN means being connected to what we believe in. Anyone can be a FAUXMOSAPIEN or become one. You just have to feel it waking up inside of you.

We think it's so important that anyone who feels connected to us feels free to join our house--our doors are always open.

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