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Gay Activists Call Out Gucci's New 'Queercore' Shoes For Cultural Appropriation


As part of their Cruise '17 collection, Gucci has unveiled a special new line of shoes, titled the "Queercore" collection. Activists and voices of the original '80s Queercore scene are not having it, and have since expressed their distaste.

On the brand's site, Gucci says "Queercore, the gay punk movement of the mid-1980s lends its name to a new collection of shoes. Reflecting the spirit of the subculture, the styles are fitted with multiple straps, studs and metal embellishments, including the Dionysus buckle."

Filmmaker and musician G.B. Jones, a legend of the original Homocore/Queercore movement and a co-creator of the zine J.D.'s with Bruce LaBruce in 1985, told LGBTQ Nation that “Queercore didn’t ‘lend it’s name’ to Gucci for their shoes. I should know, I invented the term ‘Queercore.’”

We certainly don't think the original gay punks were blowing a cool $1,790 on pumps, however gorgeous they may be. See, below.

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