Milk Makeup Partners With Very Good Light to 'Blur the Lines' of Gender in Beauty

Avie Acosta

Like many others in the fashion industry, Milk Makeup has embarked on an important, ongoing study about the spectrum of individuality, which will manifest in a series of short films. For its first installment, the brand partnered with men's grooming website Very Good Light to unpack gender and its fluid relationship with beauty in a new film and editorial called, "Blur the Lines."

The project, released today, features models and personalities like Avie Acosta, Rayne Nadurata, Madeleine Vintback, Marcelo Gutierrez, Dagsen Love and Eric Stone Carson, who all discuss their personal relationship with gender, while applying Milk Makeup's universal Blur Stick primer.

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"We’re trying to give a visual to the fact that we are all these shifting energies and that everything in the universe is in a constant state of change,” said Milk Makeup Co-Founder Georgie Greville. "This is about gender ambiguity, but it’s also a bigger concept that anybody can relate to because we’re all constantly changing and growing. It’s about creating unity instead of seeing us all based on gender."

Milk Makeup worked closely in collaboration with Very Good Light founder David Yi, who underlined that the genderless movement is not a passing trend. "I truly hope that more so, we see that beauty is democratized," he said. "It’s everyday people who are teaching brands and magazines what they want in addition to the other way around. It's a conversation where we all meet in the middle."

Watch "Blur the Lines," below, and read Yi's in-depth article on

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