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5 Things You Didn't Know About Naomi Campbell

5 Things You Didn't Know About Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell New York Times
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The New York Times examine the model's return to the spotlight, and why she's 'still a force.'

After 30 years in the fashion industry, Naomi Campbell is more popular than ever -- at least, since the 1990s supermodel golden era. From roles in hit shows Empire and American Horror Story, to her evergreen runway career (she most recently stomped the Versace runway at Milan Fashion Week), la Campbell is back on top. The New York Times' Style section took a closer look at Naomi's sudden return to fame.

Here, five reasons why Naomi still rules.

1. After overcoming addiction in the 2000s, Campbell helped a disgraced John Galliano recover from his:

"By (the early 2010s,) Campbell had largely gotten a handle on her addiction and her anger issues," the Times' Jacob Bernstein writes. "She even began operating as an unofficial sobriety captain for some of fashion's biggest names:
'You know, I took a bit of a break from the industry, and she was there at every turn,' said Galliano, referring to his 2011 exit from Dior. 'It's thanks to Miss Naomi Campbell that I actually got to Arizona,' he added, referring to his time in rehab."

2. She was part of a similar intervention for Marc Jacobs, which also involved Anna Wintour:

"'Well, me, too,' Marc Jacobs told the Times. 'She teamed up with my business partner Robert Duffy, and Anna Wintour, and the three of them did my intervention. Naomi started it all. She recognized I was having terrible problems. When I've relapsed, it's been like telepathy. I mean, she's parked in front of my house when she thought something was wrong.'"

3. Lee Daniels fired her the first time her met her, for a PSA in the 1990s:

"'She showed up to the shoot three hours late,' Daniels said. 'The limousine door opened and she came out like Cruella de Vil. And I was screaming at her at the top of my lungs at the audacity of coming that late to my set, and she was screaming back at me. I fired her on the spot and fell in love with her there and then.'"

4. She apparently pitched him the role of Camilla (on Empire) herself:

"'One of the things I so respect about Naomi is that she has incredible drive, and she's not embarrassed to ask for things she wants or to say, I deserve this.' Anna Wintour said. 'Didn't she pitch herself to Lee for Empire? I think she did. Girl power, right?'"

5. She has hot sauce in her bag:

"When Ms. Campbell's lamb chops arrived," the Times report, "a look came across her face. Something was missing. 'Mike,' she screamed. 'Can you bring me my purse?' Her bodyguard brought over her black bag. She pulled out a silver vial and placed it on the table... 'Hot sauce,' she said, handing it to a tablemate. 'Try some.'"

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