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Steal This Look: The Creepy Socialite Santa

Illustration by Hilton Dresden

Here's how to recreate this high-fashion look.

In this edition of Steal This Look, our model serves high fashion Santa Claus-turned-socialite thanks to this oversized red coat paired with a Victorian lace collared shirt. Here's how to make it yours.

The Long, Red Statement Coat


The main feature of this look is the big red coat. So why not splurge a little on this one from Dries Van Noten?

The Lacy White Shirt


To compliment such a bright outer layer, add a white Victorian-collared shirt. For best results you'll need to dig through your local vintage store, but for a quick fix try this one from Gentleman's Emporium.

The Authentic Rider Pants


Finally, you'll need real rider pants straight off the racetrack to complete this look. Another vintage store find, but try these from American Apparel for starters.

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