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GIF-cap: 'Looking for Results'

GIF-cap: 'Looking for Results'


'Panic and the City'

Photo: HBO

In the second episode of Looking Season 2, the boys are back in San Francisco and at least one familiar face returns. That's right, Richie is back!


Raul Castillo, who was bumped up to series regular after wooing hearts of Pitchie(?), Patchie(?), Ratrick(?) fans last season, makes his first appearance on the new season in an unexpected way--but more on that later. We have to start things off with Patrick (Jonathan Groff), who is now a dirty mistress having sex with his boss Kevin (Russell Tovey) in a filthy hotel.


Not only are they finally having sex in a bed--Patrick's Molly-induced confession after getting banged against a tree in the premiere--they are making the case for cutest affair. Patrick talks about annoying his father, Kevin reveals his obsession with Take That, and then jiggles his bare ass.


(Obligatory GIF of Kevin's butt: 2 for 2)

Though, there are two important developments from this mid-afternoon rendezvous: Irrational (albeit warranted) fear about being discovered--see GIF 1--and the dream plan to make the gayest card game ever--GIF 2.



(If you're curious, Kevin is obsessed with Top Trumps, which dates back to the mid-'60s. It's a glorified version of War with categories and values for each card. My favorite version is Style Wars.)

Let's face it. San Francisco is a small city. Not only do rumors spread, so do STDs and bed bugs. And cue Patrick's sudden skin rash and a similar irrational hypochondriac-like AIDS panic that we saw in season 1.

Patrick's Path to Panic:

Step 1: Let fear set in.


Step 2: Discover a problem.


Step 3: WebMD the problem and self-diagnose.


Step 4: Jump to AIDS conclusion.


Step 5: (Do the rational thing) Get tested.


While Patrick's brain may never not always jump to AIDS, it's evidently clear that the "pressure" of keeping a secret is making him more irrational than ever.


In gay adult news, Dom and Lynn--Scott Bakula also making his return to the show--have the "talk" about...

Patrick's irrational AIDS panic:


Lynn's dead boyfriend:


Their open relationship:


All sensible adult topics of conversation that make you wonder how Dom is friends with both Patrick and Agustin, who both constantly make childish decisions.

Meanwhile, Agustin spends most of the episode being an asshole:



The best reaction to all of this is Dom's "Oh Shit" eyebrows.


Though one saving grace is that Agustin's performance art promps Richie to bring him home to Patrick.


And his return reminds Patrick, if only temporarily, of what he let go--and the thought of being friends. (Or an excuse not to focus on Kevin and being a dirty mistress.)



Oh, and now we get a hint of that love triangle advertised ahead of the show. What do you think Lookies, will Patrick continue with the world's cutest dirty affair or explore an unresolved sexual tension friendship with Richie? Or maybe Patrick will have his cake and eat it too?

Bonus GIF: Patrick's thighs. We love Kevin's butt, but we shouldn't forget about those meaty legs.


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