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Galavant, the Camp-tastic (and Shirtless)

Galavant, the Camp-tastic (and Shirtless)


As the knight in the ABC musical, sexy Joshua Sasse has set out on his melodic journey

ABC's musical extravaganza, Galavant, which airs every Sunday night for the rest of the month, premiered last night to mixed reactions on social media. But people should expect high levels of period-inspired camp and occasional awkward one-liners from the minds of Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and Alan Menken.

The singing keeps audiences up to date with what's actually happening in the story, and there's plenty of it. With Galavant himself (Joshua Sasse), his nemesis King Richard (Timothy Omundson), and a slew of supporting peasants and wenches all belting clever lyrics, it made me wish for a bouncing ball to follow along for a sing-a-long.

While John Stamos as jousting champion Jean Hamm (we get the joke, but wonder if that means John Hamm wasn't available) fell a little flat -- there's still "Weird" Al Yankovic and Ricky Gervais yet to come. Unfortunately, since he's mostly used as a conduit for medieval "your momma" jokes (even Galavant calls them old in the 13th century), Stamos's greatest moments didn't take place until after he's forced to drink absinthe before his match against Galavant.

The biggest laughs in the show actually came from some of the smaller characters: Gareth, played by the often foul-mouthed Vinnie Jones, acts as henchman number one to Omundson and acts as the boot to the king's, well, fluffy sleeves.

The show's half-hour runtime makes the endings of each episode seem abrupt. If they allowed it to run through its hour-long slot unhindered it wouldn't seem nearly as jerky. Although some jokes are cringe-worthy, and you'll no doubt roll your eyes, there aren't many things better on Sunday night television this month than Sasse in period clothing singing his lungs out. Just hoping there's more than one shirtless tub scene.

Watch one of the songs from last night's first two episodes, "Hero's Journey" -- complete with shirtless bath scene.

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