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How the Future Feminist Collective Plans to Save the Planet

How the Future Feminist Collective Plans to Save the Planet


Antony Hegarty will be joining with Cocorosie, Kembra Pfahler, and Johanna Constantine to promote femininity through a 13-day exhibit.

The Future Feminist Collective, a group made up of Antony and the Johnson's Antony Hegarty, electric folk duo CocoRosie, performance artist Johanna Constantine, and Kembra Pfahler of glam punk group The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, is finally ready to spread its message to the world.

After two years of hard work and deliberation, the collective is launching a new exhibition, The 13 Tenets of Future Feminism at The Hole in the SoHo district of New York City, that will explore gender and relations to societal power systems through 13 nights of lectures, conferences, and performances starting on Sept. 11. Additionally, the artists are kicking things off with a live benefit concert at Webster Hall on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m with CocoRosie headlining the program.

Speaking with Out, the collective asserts that current states of war, climate change, subjugation, misogny, and transphobia are endemic to male power systems that vie for control rather than creation and understanding, and that the way to fight against such injustices is through the promotion of femininity, such as this new exhibition. "We're trying to redefine society's roles for women and men in response to present conditions," Hegarty explains. "In our mind, it's femininity that needs to be elevated. It's actually not even the seeking of an equal platform, but turning to female systems entirely. That, in order to survive as a species, we need to employ this vast, unused resource of femininity."

The group elaborated that, though it seeks to empower women and the feminine to a state of control. "We also want balance and harmony," Bianca Casady, one-half of CocoRosie, says. "But we're implying that in order to ask for balance and harmony, we have to ask for a complete shift to feminine systems."

The collective seeks to reject the idea that those who are feminine cannot also be strong, advocating for even men to value and embrace feminine aspects within themselves. Decrying the concept that femininity is weak, inferior, or sinister, the artists want to deconstruct male systems and raise up feminine qualities as virtuous and valuable to everyone. They assert that "turning to female systems entirely" can solve problems as far ranging as sexual harassment to ecological devastation.

"[Future Feminism is] saving the world," Constantine says. "We took it to its ultimate conclusion -- we've been debating this for over two years just trying to purify it. What we really want out of feminism, what could be attained. And eventually we came to its ecology. Feminism could save the planet."

For more ticket and exhibit information, visit for the concert can be purchased through Webster Hall.

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