Lee Daniels Will Direct The Brian Banks Story

Lee Daniels Will Direct The Brian Banks Story

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee Daniels has singed on to direct The Brian Banks Story.

Banks was a high school football player with a bright future a head of him. According to his 60 Minutes profile, he’d committed to USC. Sadly everything changed when, back in 2002, he was falsely accused of rape by a classmate. Despite firmly proclaiming his innocence, his lawyer convinced him to plead no contest. He spent five years in prison. After his conviction was overturned in 2012, he began playing organized football for the first time in a decade. He signed to the Atlanta Falcons in 2013. 

This is Daniels first project since last year's The Butler. Earlier this year, he suggested he would take on Stonewall but was beat to it by Roland Emmerich. The Brian Banks Story is still in preproduction and no release date has been set. Watch Banks’ 60 Minutes story here

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