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François Sagat Makes Leading Man Debut in Man at Bath

François Sagat Makes Leading Man Debut in Man at Bath

It’s no secret that François Sagat looks good on screen. But his second major movie role in the independent French film, Man at Bath, will have more storyline than what fans of his adult work are used to. 

In Man at Bath — first released in 2010 and now available online and DVD on August 5 — Sagat plays Emmanuel, a gay hustler living in France with his lover, Omar. After a fight, the two part ways and Omar leaves for New York City to study film. The story follows both characters as they deal with the fallout of their separation and attempt to move on from one another. 

Just because the actor is going mainstream doesn't mean Sagat delivers a subdued performance. Old habits die hard — especially his difficulty remaining fully clothed. His hustling job, not far removed from what he’s used to, finds his character seeking new sexual encounters after the heartbreak Omar causes him. 

Check out the NSFW trailer below:

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