Ricky Martin Shares His Tips on Being a Better Parent

Ricky Martin Shares His Tips on Being a Better Parent

Ricky Martin has taken on his role as a parent with a great deal of gusto. He’s penned his first children’s book and founded Piccolo Universe, a parenting website that offers insight on a variety of childrearing aspects, from discipline, to play, to maintaining work-life balance. Martin recently authored a post titled, “The Tools That Help Me Be A Better Parent.” 

“I am by no means a perfect parent, but I strive daily to be a better parent for my boys,” writes the single father of two. “I am a firm believer that being a good mom and dad starts with some real soul searching and working within ourselves.” 

Rather than offer traditional child raising tips—such as timeout corners or monitoring your kids' televisions habits—Martin’s focuses his tips on the parent and his or her own mental processes. He suggests that parents actively listen, “eliminate limiting beliefs,” meditate or pray daily, have fun, and learn from their kids. Like I said, these tips are actually quite useful. You can read his full post at Piccolo Universe.

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