WATCH THIS: Say Goodbye To Eric Bana’s Butt

WATCH THIS: Say Goodbye To Eric Bana’s Butt

Eric Bana is so attractive, so it's no great loss that that his stand up comedy career (wherein he first showed his ass on the album cover of Out of Bounds, 1994) didn’t take off. Maybe his jokes are funnier in his native Australia.

Bana 120

But his ass, that’s a strictly serious topic, mostly because it’s a very nice one — and he’s shown it in many a film to date. But his hiney’s on-screen time is now forever a thing of the past. The ass is retired. Conan O’Brien said goodbye to the Bana Ass (The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Hulk, Closed Circuit, Full Frontal) in a video montage. Jump to 3:40 if you just cannot wait. Though not his most acclaimed role, Bana Ass in The Hulk was definitely under appreciated.

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