Sam Smith Covers Whitney Houston

1. Sam Smith's cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" is sad and sweet and perfect. Thanks SiriusXM—we owe you one.

2. Looking's second season will consist of 10 episodes—an upgrade from Season 1’s too-few eight. Things are Looking up, HBO. 

3. Chicago's Boystown gets a new party palace in time for Pride. Chloe's opened Thursday night in a 5,000 square foot location the city's legendary Spin club occupied.

4. All of Meryl Streep's 59 (count-em) roles have been ranked. What do you think is gonna be the best (and worst)?

5. Ethan Hawke thinks his kids have zero homophobia. And gay-themed entertainment is gonna help decrease teen suicide (in reference to the film Rebel Without a Cause).

6. Southwest Airlines has a hilarious flight attendant. Check out the video below:

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