Neil Patrick Harris Not Funny?

Neil Patrick Harris Not Funny?

As Michael Musto wrote in this week's column:

Playing an uneasy transsexual, Neil Patrick Harris has won kudos for diving into Broadway’s Hedwig revival with the vigor of a pool performer at Fire Island. At a New Dramatists lunch in honor of Tony-winning choreographer/director Susan Stroman (The Producers, Bullets Over Broadway), I asked Harris if Hedwig might be a sort of nouveau Sally Bowles, meaning the woozy chantoozy in the also-currently-revived Cabaret. “That’s interesting!” he responded, lighting up. “After I get spit on by Yitzhak, and I sing ‘Hedwig’s Lament,’ there’s a green light that hits me, and I’m in a cocktail dress and a cropped wig. I feel a little Sally Bowles in that moment. I have to pull myself out of it!” he laughed.

But he didn't stop there, Musto also told Neil that he’s funny in Seth MacFarlane’s new movie, A Million Ways To Die In The West. (He plays a creep with a moustache and a bad case of diarrhea.) NPH's response?

“Am I? I was chastised for not being funny. I won’t tell you by whom.”

Musto then had to "assure a world-class star that he’s amusing in his new project. He seemed so vulnerable—sort of like Sally Bowles! I hope Pink can be as sympathetic."

We think you'll agree that 'stache is pretty damn crazy. Just wait until you see what Amanda Seyfried does to it.

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