Christopher Meloni Knows You're Looking at His Butt

Christopher Meloni Knows You're Looking at His Butt

Christopher Meloni is really proud of his ass and we couldn’t be happier for him. And for the world. Since being voted the Best Butt in Primetime by an alleged national poll — or just by anyone who’s ever seen Oz — Meloni’s been touting his title all across the Internet. Last night he brought up the rear with noted flat-ass, Conan O’Brien.

Meloni Butt 1

While Chris says that he does indeed get it from his mama — or in this case, maybe papa — he admits he’s “not afraid of the deadlift or the squat,” adding, “You know at some point I know it’s going to fall so I might as well keep Father Time at bay.”

Meanwhile, there are some daddies Meloni couldn’t keep at bay with a ten foot pole. The Surviving Jack star has noticed that other men in the gym sometimes dither with the lather when hitting the showers.

“Yeah, they lather just a bit too long in the nether regions, never speaking, just giving this look."

Meloni Butt 3

Ah, yes, that furtive locker room look that lets you know the real workout’s just about to begin.

Meloni Butt 4

Meloni Butt 4a 0

Meloni Butt 4b 0

Oh, fluently. Check out Chris and Conan butting heads below:

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