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Looking GIF-cap: Thank You for Being a Friend

Looking GIF-cap: Thank You for Being a Friend


Did everyone find what they were looking for?

While Looking didn't end its first season with the same kind of attention as True Detective, it certainly left us wanting more. After a slow build that allowed us to get to know Patrick, Dom, and Agustin, the show gave us a lot to chew on in the last three episodes. In the end, each guy was forced to ask himself what was he looking for.

What was Patrick looking for? A boyfriend.

All season, given his WASP-y angst, he thought he wanted a guy like Kevin. A tall, handsome (white) guy with a promising career who would be able to meet his mother's standards. Instead, Patrick found himself with Richie. Pressured into thinking he needed to have a date for his sister's wedding, Patrick unkowningly viewed his relationship with Richie as a trial. If he passed, then the two were good to go. But it was Patrick who failed the test, pushing Richie away.



What did he find? Himself alone.

In the end, Kevin got what he wanted out of Patrick, at least for one evening.


The sex was a welcome moment for Kevin and Patrick fans but, after Patrick came, Kevin went.


Patrick was left without any answers or indication as to what the future holds with Kevin. (Hopefully not much of one if Patrick wises up.) As it turned out, Richie was exactly the guy Patrick needed--but not the one he was ready for.

What was Dom looking for? To grow up.

As the elder of the friends, Dom has been feeling his years on the planet catch up to him all season. He initially pushed the stress and expectations away, but then he found himself unfulfilled. With 40 quickly approaching, Dom found himself wanting to make his peri peri chicken dreams a reality and found a man who could make it happen. Lynn not only invested money into Dom's future, but he also presented the case for growing old (and growing up).


Not all of Lynn's lessons were easy for Dom. He met his birthday like it was a death sentence; continued to trick himself into not having feelings; and even pushed Lynn away when it came time to pop up their restaurant together.

What did he find? The value of taking risks.


With the pop-up restaurant a reality, it was time for Dom to take a real chance. Dom opted for the pleasure of knowing that eventually he would have to choose between that and business when it came to his relationship with Lynn.


As for Lynn, he knew what he had in front of him. He just needed to be reminded of it.


What was Agustin looking for? Validation.

Unsatisfied with his job, dating or living situation, Agustin spent all season acting out (and the final episode getting high).


What did he find? No one cared.


He was fired when Stina couldn't put up with his shit anymore. Frank dumped Agustin when he learned that he lied about CJ, the sex worker. Because he was unhappy, he lashed out at Patrick, who became timid when Agustin asked for his old room back. Patrick would have to think about it, just like everyone else had. Agustin had successfully pushed everyone away from him.

Eventually Patrick let Agustin crawl back into (the figurative) bed reassuring us that, in the end, these guys always have each other.


So, thanks for being a friend, Patrick. Let's just hope Agustin makes a better one to you in the future. And Dom, don't fuck it up with Lynn. See y'all for season 2.

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