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Looking GIF-cap: Going to the Chapel

Looking GIF-cap: Going to the Chapel


That kiss!

This week on Looking there was so much drama was packed into 30 minutes of TV, it's hard to know where to begin. So let's do like we always do and kick things off with Patrick.

Patrick's sister's wedding, the second of two events teased throughout the season, finally arrived. And boy what a doozy for him and the two men in his life: Richie, his boyfriend, and Kevin, his boss.


Poor Richie shaved his beard, cut his hair, and donned a suit only to feel the pressure of Patrick's nerves getting to him. Patrick, consumed with mommy issues, couldn't focus on anything other than what his parents would think of his new beau. Richie quickly caught wise of the situation and abandoned ship. Completely shocked by the turn of events, Patrick could only watch his boyfriend walk away (apparently back over the Golden Gate Bridge). And that may have been strike three.

At the wedding, Kevin presented himself to a much-relieved Patrick. And thank goodness he was there because that bowtie wasn't going to tie itself.


Also, it turned out that Kevin's boyfriend knew everybody. How convenient!



While Kevin appeared to de-ruffle Patrick's flustered state, by episode's end, he had only made the situation worse with the most gay gaspy moment of the series: That kiss!


The moment, while a long time coming, was still a shock. What does it mean for Patrick? What does it mean for us?! Do we now suddenly have to draw a line in the sand and get aboard #TeamKevin or #TeamRichie? Don't make us choose. OK, I choose Kevin. But I'm a sucker for those Dumbo ears.

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, Dom's dream of bringing Portuguese chicken to the masses was one step closer. It was time for Top Chef: Pop-up Restaurant Wars. Dom had just a day to get the restaurant space (secured by Lynn) service-ready.


There wasn't anytime to waste, especially not on flowers.


Poor Lynn saw Dom go full-on Drag Race mode, cutting down bitches who got in his way. It wasn't like Dom to yell at Lynn like he did (and he clearly regretted it) but it still hurt. Lynn, not one to be walked all over, left Dom to finish the restaurant himself. Luckily, Doris was there to guide Dom back from the ledge.


I'm going to say it right now, Doris is single-handedly the best character on the show. She's funny, sharp, level-headed and always there to support Dom. Their relationship is something special, and I hope we never see that challenged.

A relationship that was challenged--and finally broken--this week was that of Agustin and Frank's. Even though he paid a sex worker to sleep with Frank in the name of art (a fact later revealed to his live-in boyfriend), Agustin was unsatisfied with his work and scrapped his exhibit. His former boss Stina was right, it was a lot harder to actually create something.


All of this drama just pushed Frank closer to the breaking point. Agustin may have been able to salvage the relationship if he hadn't revealed his jealousy over paying his sex worker to satisfy his boyfriend. But it was too late. The damage had been done. Frank was over it, and he served up some serious angry tongue action to prove it.


And maybe now that things have ended, Agustin will finally trim that beard.


It's sad to see Frank go, but Agustin was a terrible boyfriend. Though, worse than a self-absorded boyfriend is a recently-dumped, self-absorded friend. Can't wait to see how that one shakes out...

Also, did you catch Scott Evans at the wedding? You know Captain America's little brother.


Now that's cameo acting!

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