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Looking GIF-cap: The B-Word

Looking GIF-cap: The B-Word


Dom turns 40 and Patrick drops the b-word

There have been two events looming over the series, Dom's birthday and Patrick's sister's wedding. This week on Looking, Dom looked death in the eye when Grindr officially deemed him too old to hook up. His 40th birthday had finally arrived, setting up the final two episodes of the season. While Dom survived turning one year older, all of the relationships may have not...

Let's switch things up this week and focus on the birthday boy first.


All season Dom has feared 40 like it was his impending death. He finally made clear what bothered him most: intimacy or lack thereof. While he turns to hook apps to satisfy his daily needs, he hasn't let himself commit to anyone or any goals since he broke up with his previous boyfriend. (The smarmy guy from L.A.) In steps Lynn and the idea to make his chicken dreams a reality. Both offer the potential to satisfy Dom in different ways but both are reminders that he spent his last ten years not doing much of anything. Sick of his self-loathing, Lynn, who is almost 60, shuts him up (as sweetly as he can).


(And frankly, if Lynn is looks that good in his 60s then we all should hope to make it past 40.)

While Dom runs off to play (and sulk) at his birthday party, he lets Lynn's present (flowers) and advice sink in. He may be 40 but he could be someone's spring chicken. Unfortunately, Dom commits Red Flag 101 in an attempt to spend more time with Lynn.



No Dom, that doesn't mean you can show up unannounced.


Meanwhile, acing a course in Jealous 202, Agustin's fantasy and reality merge when CJ and Frankie meet at Dom's birthday party. What may have been a subversive attempt to make his boyfriend jealous back fires when the two hit it off. Unhappy with the results, Agustin takes his anger out on Patrick, which is something he has done before.


The unexpected target becomes a victim of Agustin's tongue-lashing when he accuses Patrick of slumming it and throws all the shade at Richie. Finding that he hates being an asshole, he turns to the source that put him in a funk to make him feel better.


Pro-tip: Don't invite your hooker over to sleep with your boyfriend.


Speaking of boyfriends, Patrick made a giant leap with an accidental slip of the b-word. Yes, in typical Patrick fashion, he let his mind speak freely. 'Boyfriend' slips out as Patrick lets fears of introducing him to his friends distract him.


Richie pounces. He commits to Patrick's slip of the tongue with not-a-necklace and a warning: The boyfriend term does not come lightly.


During his first official act as boyfriend, Patrick does a poor job of introducing Richie to his boss Kevin (and his ruggedly handsome athletic trainer of a boyfriend). And then follows it up by running instead of defending Richie to Agustin. That's two strikes.


Apparently Patrick is not doing so well in Boyfriend 303. But this is not a beginner's course.

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