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Looking GIF-cap: Ahoy to the Sexy New Faces

Looking GIF-cap: Ahoy to the Sexy New Faces


Russell Tovey makes his debut and more GIFs from episode 3

This week on Looking, all three characters encountered new men, including Russell Tovey's character Kevin, who will undoubtedly ramp up the drama in each of their lives. For a show that many have complained is "boring," this week's episode introduced a trove of new subplots that will increase the excitement for the rest of the season. Let's just say these men has the (se)x-factor:

Kevin (Russell Tovey), Patrick's Boss

First, Russell Tovey makes his long-awaited debut as Kevin, a new project manager hired to develop a new video game at Patrick's company. What is unbeknownst to Patrick is that Kevin is also his new jefe.


What we've come to learn about Patrick over the past two episodes is that he doesn't always think before he acts/speaks. This time it means that he first rips Kevin apart for being British (apparently they are awful), then outs him during a party (playing as the female character is code for being gay) and then propositions him ("I'm not suggesting we're going to hook up, of course, unless, you know, I let you win a couple more games."). Oh Patrick, when will you take a moment to pause? You're starting to exhibit some Hannah-isms that are terribly frightening.


Following the awkward introduction, Kevin has fun with Patrick, scaring him about his work productivity. (Something about visiting a site called "Man Cunt.") And Patrick quickly becomes distracted by a certain part of Kevin's body. First it was Latin cocks, now it's big ears. When will Patrick worry about things like personality or likeability? Despite all this, it's clear that Kevin is one to watch as Patrick tries to prove his worth to him.


"Let's play," Kevin says to Patrick. Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong.

CJ (T.J. Linnard), the Sex Worker

Just as Augustin gets fired from his job and finds himself trapped in a world of domestic living and a supportive-yet-pushy boyfriend in comes C.J., the bearded sex worker with nothing to hide.


Augustin instantly becomes enamored with this breath of sexy air and matte finish business cards. Is he ready for a career change or just a change in beards?


Lynn (Scott Bakula), the Flower Shop Owner

Finally, another debut fans have been clamoring for is Scott Bakula. He was gifted with the sexiest entrance: His character Lynn sits half-naked laying in a sauna at a bathhouse with nothing to hide. Dom takes notice and joins him in the (thankfully) steamless room for a chat about the old ways. Bathhouses weren't just about the fucking, they were about the chatting too.


As the two chat about "institutions" of San Francisco, Dom's fear of aging slowly fades away. Here's a man who has done it gracefully, something Dom can aspire to as he tries to actualize his long-simmering ambition to open his own restaurant. Dom eventually musters the courage to ask Lynn on a lunch date--but only before he leaves to go hook up with another half-naked shower mate. Oh, progress... it'll take time.


See all you men next week!

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