Robert James-Collier: 'I Have Tight Hamstrings'

Robert James-Collier: 'I Have Tight Hamstrings'

While Robert James-Collier may appear devilish on Downton Abbey as the gay valet, Thomas Barrow, he is anything but in person. In a "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me" questionnaire for US Weekly, the actor displays his charm and wit, reminding us why we love him so. 

Among the 25 revealing facts are bits about human anatomy's lower half. We culled the best bits for you:

3. I love big sharks. I've cage-dived with great whites in South Africa. (That size queen!)

9. I have tight hamstrings.

11. I stood on Dame Maggie Smith's toe while waltzing with her. Never stand on a dame's toe. It can be taken as an attack on the monarchy.

22. My girlfriend wears the trousers in our relationship (ask my girlfriend). (So, he's not a dom?)

25. I've sat in the White House's Situation Room. That's how I roll. Fortunately, there wasn't a "situation." (A man with power; we like it!)


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