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Girls GIF-cap: Sex & Road Trips With Shoshanna

Girls GIF-cap: Sex & Road Trips With Shoshanna


Welcome to Shosh and the City

On Sunday, the third season of Girls returned to HBO with a two-part premiere. While there was a lot going on with Hannah (Adam helped her get a grip on her OCD), Marnie (Charlie dumped her, she's depressed, oh, and Rita Wilson was back) and Jessa (turns out she was in rehab), the first two episodes easily belonged to Shoshanna. Here are her best moments from the premiere relived in GIFs:

The episode opens with Shosh trapped beneath last night's trick. (We've all been there, amiright?)


She also explains during dinner that she has a new plan to prepare for life (after college): Balancing sex and work so she gets "both experiences." (It's time to make Shosh our new life coach.)


In the second episode, Shosh proved why she's the best road trip companion.


After a stare down with Adam, she ponders the meaning of life through utensils.

Shosh: What's your favorite utensil?

Adam: My favorite untensil is... I never thought about it.

Shosh: Wait, seriously? That's, like, insane. Like, what if you had to pick?

Adam: I guess a fork.

Shosh: Okay, that is crazy. Like, why would you want cold metal prongs stabbing you in the tongue when instead you could have your food delivered into your mouth on, like, a cool, soft pillowy cloud?

And buys a rocking chair.


Later, Shosh breaks down the essentials of "Truth or Dare." (Seriously, she doesn't have time for amateur players!)


And even though Hannah is worried about Jessa being in rehab, Shosh breaks down the truth of it all. (Seriously, life coach.)


If you haven't watched the premiere yet, check it out on YouTube: Episode 1 and Episode 2.

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