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Popnog 10: Christian Karlsson On Writing For Britney Spears and His New Group, Galantis

Popnog 10: Christian Karlsson On Writing For Britney Spears and His New Group, Galantis


The producer, songwriter and musician answers Popnography's burning questions

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Christian Karlsson goes by many names. When producing mega hits for Britney Spears and Katy Perry he's often credited as Bloodshy. When Karlsson joined forces with Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt, they went by the singular group name, Miike Snow. Now that's he paired up with Icona Pop producer Linus Eklow, he's adding a new name to the mix: Galantis. Karlsson, a man who wears many hats in the music industry, took the time to answer the Popnog 10. Learn how he approaches writing for Spears, his favorite producer and what he considers his spirit animal.

1. How did you and Linus Eklow come together to create Galantis?

We've been friends for a long time and this was unavoidable.

2. What do you hope fans get out of your new group?

Big melodies, big drops, and big beats.

3. How do you approach writing a song for Miike Snow or Galantis differently than a song, say, for Britney Spears or Katy Perry?

It's very different. It's like designing a home you're going to live in versus designing a home for someone else.

4. When you wrote "Toxic" did you know you had such a big hit on your hands?

Yes and no. We knew it was big but we didn't know if everyone else would get it.

It was a brand new sound for her.

5. You, Max Martin and Dr. Luke are among a small group of producers that have worked with the same few artists, creating hit after hit over the past two decades. Did the three of you secretly plot to take over the pop music scene?

Yes, but don't tell anyone.

6. Are there any other producers (or songwriters) that you are really into right now?

Ever heard of Style of Eye.

7. In a conversation with Out, Andrew Wyatt described you as really intense, always moving and emotional. Do you think that's an accurate assessment?

Yes. Why?

8. The music you've written and produced tends to have a lot of energy. What do you listen to relax or mellow out?

I don't listen to music to relax.

9. Between Bloodshy, Galantis and Miike Snow, does anyone ever call you by your real name?

Yes, my mom. She only calls me Miike Snow when she's upset.

10. Miike Snow was represented by a jackalope and Galantis' lead art features a combination of cat and jellyfish. Do you have a spirit animal of your own?

I always felt connected to killer bees.

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