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Say It Ain’t So Bob!

Say It Ain’t So Bob!


TV icon Bob Newhart is scheduled to perform at antigay org's event with Rick Santorum

National treasure Bob Newhart has an idiot doing his bookings.

The iconic comedian and actor, who just won his first-ever Emmy (how is that possible?) playing opposite Out 100 cover man Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory, is slated to be the headlining entertainer at the Legatus 2014 Summit, February 6-8 in Orlando. The other folks sharing the stage will be defeated senator and presidential candidate Rick "Frothy Mixture" Santorum, and the Catholic League's jerk-in-chief William Donohue.

Jeremy Hooper, writing for GLAAD, had this to say about Legatus: "On November 1, 2012, Legatus magazine, the print publication of the conservative Catholic organization of the same name, listed five 'non-negotiables' for voters about to head to the polls. Marriage equality (which the magazine labeled homosexual 'marriage,' smear quotes and all) was one of the five listed items, with the staff writer instructing Catholics 'to avoid voting for candidates who endorse or promote policies that provide for any of these acts and to vote instead for those who promote policies in keeping with moral law.' The phrase 'intrinsic evil' was used seven times."

Here's hoping that if Newhart takes their cash, he'll give them a good dose of reality from the stage, calling the organization out for their hater behavior. Better yet Bob, quit the event and give your bookings manager a stern talking to about the fact that you have lots of good will from LGBT people, and this is no way to show your appreciation for that audience. (We're guessing the Pope wouldn't like these Legatus folks either.)

H/T Firedoglake

Newhart and Parsons at the Emmys:

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