The Knockout Game?

The Knockout Game?

Sometimes live television just happens and you need to sit back and appreciate it for all its weirdness. The "knockout game" has scared little old ladies and butch boys alike with the idea that they could be walking down the street and get pounded to the ground. Is it urban myth, racist fearmongering, or an actual game that people should be vigilant about?

Well, a "black belt" rabbi visited the CNN News Room to discuss how to protect yourself—and he had a casually dressed Don Lemon as the potential agressor. It's a strange moment when a gay black man is put into the position of potential perp, only to be manhandled by a man in a yarmulke (that's Gary Moskowitz, a former New York police officer known as “Rambowitz”)—but it happened!

"Careful, he has to be on television at 11 o'clock tonight," Brooke Baldwin, the show's female host, warned, making a funny face at the camera after Lemon was put in a headlock by the guest rabbi. Or was she just uncomfortable by all the male-on-male contact on her show?

[GIF via HuffingtonPost]

Watch the full video below:


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