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Ode to Zac Efron's Best Asset

GIF via PoisonParadise

The movie That Awkward Moment is supposed to be about that moment when you don't know if you're dating someone. But the film—which stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan—seems to have a whole helluva lot of "awkward moments," including this one.

You'll have to wait until January to see the entire thing, but the fact that this trailer has both Efron showing off his bum (and Miles Teller), well, let's just say, it's gonna be something you never forget. It seems that, while other directors, like to have Efron dance in his underwear (especially when wet), someone realized he'd take it all off for the right...role.

[H/T Vulture.com]

Watch the trailer for That Awkward Moment below:

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