LA Vloggers Will Shepherd & RJ Aguiar Engaged!

LA Vloggers Will Shepherd & RJ Aguiar Engaged!

California couple, Will Shepherd and RJ Aguiar, have captured the hearts of nearly 100,000 subscribers since they launched their YouTube channel in 2009. They use their videos to document "just how normal gay life can be," producing new videos on a daily basis. The seem to always have a colorful and frenized tone about them, and that's exactly the point. They'll ramble about how busy they are, and they're frequently distracted by their new German shepherd pup, Dobby. It's goofy and grounding; they refuse to sacrifice honesty.

And on October 11, after months of planning, Will proposed to RJ at Dume Pont State Beach. The video of their engagement (and the surprises that came along with the planning) is sure to please all their fans, as well as people new to their story.

You can watch the adorable proposal below:

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