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God Hates The Sochi Olympics


…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

1. Cue the ironic sad trombone because the Olympic torch for the Sochi 2014 Olympics blew out...again. That's right, according to the Washington Post, the flame went out for the second time this week. The torch landed in Moscow yesterday, after being flown in on a chartered flight, and as former Olympic swimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan carried the torch to the Kremlin, a gust of wind blew it out. A plainclothes police officer had to relight it with a cigarette lighter (There's probably a potential Zippo ad in that). Today added insult to injury, as the torch went out again. While it was being run along side Raushskaya Embankment, another gust of wind blew it out. I think we can all join in a collective Nelson Muntz Ha Ha!

2. Some people in Tennessee are bent out of shape about a pride/American flag. Salon reports that some college students and local residents of Murfreesboro are all about a flag displayed by Middle Tennessee State University's MT Lambda, the university's LGBT student organization. In a display meant commemorate the group's 25 years on campus, MT Lambda members hung a pride flag that features the American flag's 50 stars and blue background in the corner. Some claim the flag in the college library display desecrates the American flag, though MT Lambda's President, Joshua Rigsby, counters with "Desecrating an American flag would entail ripping, or shredding, or burning an actual 13 red and white strip American flag, and that's not what this is."

3. Marc Jacobs and his Brazilian porn star boyfriend, Harry Louis, have called it quits and by the looks of it, the porn star is trying really hard to make it look like he didn't get dumped. Louis posted an Instagram photo of him and Jacobs that looks like it was taken through a violently shattered lens. However, in the caption, Louis tries to make it seem like an amicable split, citing work schedules and distance as the reasons for the break up. He even writes, "We love each other very much, and that it was a decision from both!!!!" The porn star doth protest too much, me thinks.

[h/t Queerty]


4. Out Basketball player Jason Collins is playing a different kind of ball game. According to TMZ, the free agent's joined the Varsity Gay kickball league, playing first base for "Team Twerk."

5. The Morrissey autobiography, creatively called Autobiography, is alive and well. A while back we reported that it was canceled, but it turns out that it's been un-canceled. The book is due out October 17, but it's only available in the UK and Europe. But don't let that stop you, you can get it off for PS5.99 (rougly $9.60). It seems that Penguin finally caved and agreed to publish the autobiography as a Penguin Classic, because no doubt it's gonna be Pride and Prejudice good.

6. Miley thinks Matt Lauer isn't getting any. She went on the Today Show this morning to talk about her SNL guest spot this weekend, the VMAs, and the Sinead tiff. Lauer asked if the new sexpot Miley was just a phase and would it be abating any time soon. Miley, who has apparently never heard of Madonna, responded that it'll probably get more tame later in life, saying, "I heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual." Lauer asked Miley to guess how old he was--word from the wise Lauer, never play that game; it never ends how you want it to--and she guessed 40. Check out the interview below.

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