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Did Pat Robertson Just Have a Stroke on TV?


Probably not, but The 700 Club’s resident Uncle Wacko suddenly had some rational—and shocking—thoughts on gender identity

Early in July, Time's website posted some choice Pat Robertson expressions about gays, particularly that gays make him wish Facebook had "vomit" button (who knew he knew about the Interweb machines?), some tired old tropes about homosexuality as abomination that caused Biblical lands to "vomit" them out, and the fact that gays cause 9/11 and assorted natural disasters.

But rather incredibly, the religious right's don of all that is cuckoo actually has some rational thoughts about transgender men and women.

In a YouTube video from the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson answers all the questions his followers wish God had just been a little more specific about. "David" wrote in a question, written with evident confusion about sexual orientation and gender identity, about how to deal with two people "who have decided they are females."

Robertson responded with something somewhat short of a fully realized notion of the difference between sex reassignment surgery, castration, and living as one's chosen gender, but it was still shockingly accepting, and it might have given some creeped out 700 Club devotees some mind-bending food for thought.

"I don't understand all of that but I think there are men who are in a woman's bodies -- it's very rare, but it's true -- or women who are in men's bodies, and they want a sex change and that is a very permanent thing, when you have certain body parts amputated and shot up with various kinds of hormones, it's a very radical procedure. I don't think there's any sin associated with that, I don't condemn somebody for doing that. But somebody who just says I'm really a woman, I question the validity of that statement... It's not for you to decide or judge."

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